When it comes to AC repair in Reading, PA, homeowners may have certain assumptions regarding the best course of action if their unit is not functioning properly. Many individuals are exposed to a significant amount of misinformation regarding the maintenance of their unit. As a result, these myths may require one to attain air conditioning repair in Reading, PA, shortly.

Myths Surrounding AC Installation Reading, PA

To prevent a homeowner from having to shell out money for AC repair in Reading, PA, let’s take a look at the more common myths floating around regarding AC units are –

  • Larger AC Units Equal Smaller Utility Bills.

The AC installation in Reading, PA, involving larger AC units, will have to turn its compressor on or off more frequently. Therefore, the unit will be worn out quickly and will have a relatively short lifespan.

  • Fans Keep The Room Cooler.

Fans are placed in a room to cool people down. They are not designed to spread cool air throughout the room.

  • Close Vents In Rooms That Are Unused

Some may say that the efficiency of a unit can be increased if some vents are closed off. However, this can disturb the airflow through the house.

  • Replacement After A Complete Breakdown

Waiting for the AC to break down completely before replacing it will cost one a lot of money in the long run. Therefore, it would be more cost-effective to repair or replace instantly.

  • Lower Temperatures Cool Quicker.

Some homeowners may set the thermostat to a lower temperature to cool the room faster. However, the thermostat will run at the same speed irrespective of the temperature it is calibrated to.

  • Turn Off The AC Before Leaving The House.

The myth states that by turning off the AC, the electricity bill will not be as high. However, the facts show that the AC will work harder after a day of not functioning to cool an area.

  • Replace Air Filters After A Year

Air filters act as a barrier against excessive dirt. Therefore, over a short period, this filter can accumulate a lot of dirt. For this reason, it must be replaced once every six months.

  • The Location Of Thermostats Does Not Matter.

The standard practice is to place the thermostat in a region where it can attain the average temperature of the room.

  • Spring Tune-Ups Are A Waste Of Money.

Conducting a tune-up or air conditioning repair in Reading, PA, is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make. This is because one can carry out repairs and tune-ups before the summer begins, thus being fully equipped to take on the heat of the coming months.

  • AC’s Cause Summer Colds.

A virus or another infectious agent causes a cold. Therefore, the temperature will not be able to infect a person.

Now that these myths are busted, homeowners can extend the lifespan of their units the right way. If you need affordable AC repair in Reading, PA, consider Admore Comfort; you can call them on (570)-754-8000 or send in an email at [email protected] for expert services.