Having a warm bath during the bitter winter season is one of the best things this season offers. However, your experience may fall short due to a broken or malfunctioning heater at the most unexpected hour.

Broken heaters are not a rare sight in Pennsylvania. Almost all of the families incur a malfunctioning heater during the winter season. In such cases, it is necessary to have an HVAC company for boiler repair in reading  at emergency contact to save time. Admore Comfort will ensure to repair your heater and resume its working with high-efficiency levels.

About us

Admore Comfort is one of the leading HVAC names in Pennsylvania. We have been working since 2003 and have won the hearts of thousands of customers and families. Irrespective of the appliance and issues, you can contact us on our number or email to avail of our services.

Who do we serve?

Our technicians and team excel in providing the following HVAC services on all scales:

  • Residential HVAC
  • Commercial HVAC
  • New Construction HVAC

Currently, our technicians serve the families residing in Auburn, Fogelsville, Frackville, Pennsylvania, and other surrounding areas. With our stable expansion, we shall assist more families with HVAC services.

When do you need boiler repair services?

If your boiler shows the following signs, you may consider contacting us for boiler-related services:

  • Boiler working for more hours than usual
  • Burning smell coming out from the boiler
  • Higher energy bills
  • Loud noises from the boiler
  • Lesser efficiency levels
  • Boiler reaching old age
  • The boiler has stopped working

Our services

  • Boiler service

If you had not maintained a regular servicing schedule for your boiler, it would eventually stop working or malfunction. You may end up paying large bills to your HVAC contractor to repair your boiler. In such cases, it is always better to service your boiler at least once or twice a year to prevent such mishaps.

  • Boiler repair

Any technical issue or wiring problem in your boiler requires professional attention. You should not solve the problem yourself as you may harm yourself and the boiler. Contact us for professional assistance and repairing of your boiler.

  • Boiler replacement

In rare cases, your boiler may permanently break down due to improper servicing or severe damage to the sensitive components in it. You need not worry about the troublesome installation process; our team will offer you the best boiler in your budget and install it as quickly as possible to use it immediately.

We offer many other HVAC services that you can check on our website.

Why choose us?

Our skills and knowledge make us the best HVAC company, but we have many other skills that help us outshine others:

  • Timely work

Our technicians will ensure that they repair your boiler as quickly as possible without wasting time for your comfort.

  • Work quality

Even if our technicians finish the work before the stipulated time, our work quality will be no flaw. Our quality is our utmost priority.

  • Reviews

If you feel that we boast too much about our work, you can check the reviews of our clients on social media platforms for confirmation.