Throughout the winter, your heating system works overtime to keep you warm. It, like all equipment, can break down and require maintenance and heating repair in Reading from time to time. The furnace igniter, in particular, has a limited lifespan and must be replaced regularly.

Also, the igniter heats up and cools down repetitively to heat the furnace to the appropriate temperature. Many heating, air conditioning, and exhaust companies sell igniters for most heater models, even those that no longer get produced.

Ignitor Replacement Cost Of A Furnace

Furnace igniters wear out over time and are susceptible to breakages and HVAC injuries. Moreover, with time they get broken and need to get replaced right away. Because of multiple reasons, the idea of replacement may jumble up in your mind and potentially trigger several headaches.

Replacing a furnace ignitor can be difficult because parts get modified from time to time, and the ignitor you are looking for may become unavailable. Also, when it comes to maintenance costs, the average ignitor is inexpensive enough for the typical household. Now we’ll discuss some points that have a significant impact on your furnace’s ignitor maintenance costs –

  • Igniter Price

The igniter should cost between $30 and $50. Confirm with the manufacturer of your furnace for the product code so you can get the correct igniter for your device. Furnaces can last for numerous years, so finding the right replacement system is not difficult.

You can ask a repairman to advise a new replacement if your furnace is old and you can’t find the suggested igniter. It is preferable to buy the igniter directly from manufacturers. Your heating maintenance and service company may also be able to provide you with an igniter at a reasonable price.

  • Warranty From The Supplier

The warranty on a furnace system is usually for a set period, such as ten years, and it covers faulty components and glitches caused by poor production lines. Labor is unlikely to be covered by a replacement warranty. Also, if the technician is incompetent or your furnace servicing is inconsistent and not documented, the manufacturer warranty may get voided.

So take advantage of what a manufacturer’s warranty covers, but always read the terms and conditions. If you’re only paying for labor, you can afford to make between $200 and $350 to have the ignitor repaired under a product warranty.

  • Cost Of Employment

The cost of labor to substitute the ignitor varies by location, but it usually starts at $75. The total cost, such as parts and service, can be as high as $300. When the furnace ignitor fails, the furnace will not turn on. The cost of ignitor repair will rise if you contact an HVAC maintenance company for an emergency visit.

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