HVAC units are complex systems that owners must service regularly to function properly. During the winter and through other times of the year, the unit must keep the in-house temperature comfortable. Routine heater repair in Reading is necessary to avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Regular services help owners save money that would have cost much more otherwise.

HVAC maintenance is essential for ensuring the unit’s efficiency. It will assist in extending the life of the unit and keeping the house clean. Seasonal tune-ups will aid in the insulation of the ductwork and the elimination of any dangers. The usage frequency determines the frequency with which the HVAC is serviced. The more usage, the more is the deterioration.

How Often Does An HVAC System Need Maintenance?

HVAC, like any other machine, requires frequent maintenance. Regular maintenance will boost efficiency, lower the likelihood of a sudden breakdown, and improve the quality and quantity of air inside the home.

The standard rule for HVAC maintenance is to have it examined by experienced professionals twice a year at the least. Seasonal deterioration might cause the unit to break down, necessitating heater repair service.

Now, Let’s look at how we inspect and service different parts of HVAC systems;

  • Condenser & Evaporator Coils

    Dirt and dust buildup on the exterior condenser coil. The deposit will obstruct ventilation and degrade the quality of the air within the residence. Similarly, grime and debris may accumulate on the evaporator coil.

Dust interferes with the coil’s absorption capability, reducing efficiency. Our professionals will clean and oil the coils to boost airflow and improve the equipment’s overall performance.

  • Ducts

    Air ducts are one of the components that must be inspected and serviced. Air filters cannot capture every particle, and ducts will become clogged. The dust particles will settle on the ducts and mix with the moisture. It serves as a breeding ground for moulids.

Contact us for heater repair in Reading to get the ducts cleaned to enjoy improved indoor air quality.

  • Drain Line

    Drain lines are responsible for removing surplus moisture. It might result in the buildup of thick sludge on the pipes, obstructing the flow. Our professional will inspect the drain pipe and, if necessary, thoroughly clean it.

It is recommended that the drain pan and lines be examined once a year to guarantee proper drainage.

  • Air Filters

    Air filters get clogged with dirt, dust and debris. Dirty air filters will make it hard for the unit to function. And, it will increase energy bills as the unit will consume more power to perform the same function.

Experts suggest that filters need to be replaced every two to three months to improve the quality of air. It is always best to tackle minor repairs than major ones.

When was the last time you got your HVAC maintained? We can help you save money on heating repair in Auburn PA. Please schedule an appointment with our expert technicians by calling us at 570-754-8000.