The air conditioner works throughout the summer season to keep you and your family protected from the harsh summer heat. Air conditioners are machines specifically designed to convert the hot and humid air present in the environment into cool air.

Your AC works round the clock and never lags in its cooling process; however, there may be times when the machine suddenly is unresponsive. This may be due to untimely maintenance, which is very necessary to the smooth functioning of the air conditioner. Therefore, if your AC breaks down or doesn’t work correctly, then it is advised to call professionals for an HVAC repair in Reading, PA, to get it inspected.

How To Check If The Air Conditioner Is Working Or Not?

Having an inefficient air conditioning unit during the peak summer days can be the most troublesome thing. While some of these issues may be easy to pinpoint, some would need assistance from an air conditioning service in Reading, PA professional. If your air conditioning unit has broken abruptly, you can look at the points mentioned below to find the actual cause of issues in the system –

  • Check The Circuit Breaker

The performance of an air conditioning system requires the use of electricity. Inspect your breaker panel to discover if any of the circuit breakers have got damaged. You will see one or two breakers indicated for the AC unit or units when you access the panel. The switches inside the electric panel should be towards the panel’s center. If you see the electrical switches directed towards the left side of the panel at the time of inspection, carefully slide them back towards the center.

  • Replace The Thermostat Batteries

While the traditional thermostats are intended to run manually, the digital-type thermostats require batteries to function efficiently. If the thermostat displays ‘LOW Battery’ then, it may be time to change the batteries. However, if there is no reminder to replace the batteries, try to reset the thermostat. If the problem persists, you must immediately call a professional for HVAC repair in Reading, PA.

  • Improper Airflow

The air conditioning unit needs a proper supply of air to function efficiently. When the AC is not getting enough fresh air supply, the built-in fail-safe system will automatically turn itself off, thus preventing further damage.

The initial step must be to check the condenser and make sure no leaves or debris gets accumulated. Dirt and dust accumulation in the condenser and the filters can result in reduced airflow. In addition to this, a dirty condenser, evaporator coils, or filters can damage significant parts of the system incurring high-priced repair expenses.

With the help of all these points listed above, you can easily identify all the potential problems in an air conditioning unit. Also, frequent breakdowns can easily be rectified with regular preventive maintenance by calling up professionals for air conditioning service in Reading. This routine maintenance can always assist in saving huge funds on AC repair and replacement.

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