The most important machinery in your home is, without a doubt, your HVAC system. During the winters, you rely on it to keep your house warm, and in the summers, to keep it cool. Your HVAC system contributes majorly to the comfort and pleasant atmosphere of your house. But like any other machine, this system also undergoes tremendous wear and tear with its continuous use. This could include the dirt and debris that clogs your ducts or the oiling that the moving parts of your machine require.

Additionally, there could be coolant leaks, dirty condenser coils, compressor issues, and even malfunctioning of the blower motor. When it comes to heavily used machines like air conditioners and heaters, there is a long list of problems that could affect them.

While it may seem easy to clean the system superficially, the cooling or heating efficiency only improves if it receives a thorough deep cleaning. For this, the machine has to be completely disassembled and cleaned using special chemicals; with water under pressure, the machine should be allowed to be thoroughly dried and then reassembled. All of these can only be done by technicians who are trained and experienced in the field.

If you do attempt to deep clean your heaters, boilers, or air conditioners at home, you increase the risk of safety hazards. Additionally, any error in the disassembling or reassembling of the equipment could result in long-term problems, which eventually will require expert attention. Getting your HVAC system serviced regularly prevents the need for repairs or replacements. With annual plans offered by Admore Comfort cooler and heater maintenance in Lehighton, PA, you can avail of the maintenance services at very affordable rates.

Several machines can facilitate the heating and cooling of your homes. Cooling can be provided by air conditioners and coolers, while heating can be established by heaters, boilers, water heaters, and furnaces. Each one has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages, and you can select the right one for your home with help and suggestions from your HVAC contractors.

At Admore Comfort, we work with some of the best technicians in the industry to provide efficient, prompt, and timely HVAC services, including HVAC repair in Lehighton, PA. If you are looking for air conditioning repair, air conditioning service, boiler repair, or heating repair in Lehighton, PA, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Our services

We offer comprehensive HVAC services in Frackville, Fogelsville, PA, and the surrounding areas. This includes repair, maintenance, replacement, installation, tune-up, and service of your entire heating and cooling system. From AC installation to water heater maintenance in Lehighton, PA, our services are all-encompassing.

Our wide and varied HVAC services include:

  1. Heating services

  • Heating installation: This includes the installation of new systems or second-hand used systems.
  • Heating repair: This includes repair of the entire machine or repair of certain moving parts.
  • Heating maintenance: Enjoy annual maintenance plans for your heating systems at low costs and efficient services.
  • Heating replacement: Replace your old heating system with a brand new one and also enjoy returns for your old system.
  • Heating tune-up: If you are hesitant about sending your system with our technicians to get it serviced well, you can also opt for tune-ups of certain parts only so that the machine does not break down suddenly.
  • Heating service: In addition to your regular maintenance, you can also get your heating systems serviced if you feel that there are some kinks in the system.
  1. AC Services

  • AC installation: Either of new or used systems.
  • AC repair: Repair of certain parts which may be malfunctioning.
  • AC maintenance: Opt for our annual maintenance plans for your cooling system.
  • AC tune-up: Get your tune-up regularly to prevent sudden breakdowns.
  • AC service: Receive regular servicing at low costs and prompt services.
  • AC replacement: Get quick and affordable replacements along with some discounts and returns.

Why choose us?

  1. Financing and promotions: We understand that services like AC installation or furnace repair in Lehighton, PA, can get quite expensive despite our best efforts. Therefore, we offer flexible financing options, special offers, contests, promotions, and rebates for your convenience. With us, you can enjoy financing with low monthly payments, no down payments, and competitive interest rates. We strive to help you make your HVAC decisions based on comfort and not on a budget. We try our best to help you meet your monetary requirements so that you can enjoy the best HVAC services.
  2. Energy savings: You could be receiving very high bills for your AC and heater, despite using them only for a few hours. This could be because of improper installation, undersized or leaking ductwork, inadequate insulation or simply an old system. If your system is an old one, then no matter how many times you avail of heating repair or AC repair in Lehighton, your system will still consume a lot of power. We perform Home Performance Testing to figure out which system needs to be repaired or replaced with a more energy-efficient system. With our unique service, you enjoy energy bills much lower than before!
  3. Experience: We have been in the business for the past 18 years. Over the years, we have gained experience in various aspects of HVAC in residential, commercial and multi-family properties and constructions. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and insured to make HVAC repair in Lehighton, PA, a safe experience for you.
  4. Newsletter: You can sign up for our newsletter to receive regular updates about any new devices that have recently come into the market. The newsletter also allows you to be updated with any latest discounts, offers, contests or rebates we may have for both new and old users.

At Admore Comfort, we offer economical, ecological and sustainable solutions for your heating and cooling problems. Do not delay your air conditioning or heating repairs and get prompt services at your doorstep from the comfort of your own homes. Head on to our website or reach out to us via email for further information today!