4 Ways To Spot A Malfunctioning AC Motor

Many of us are unaware of how our conditioner works and which is the right time for an air conditioning service in Reading. In this article, let us see about the fan motor, which is a crucial component of your air conditioner.

Your air conditioner is ineffective without a working blower motor. Either you won’t get any air, or you’ll get a lot of it.

Would you be able to detect if the fan motor was malfunctioning? Here’s a quick refresher for those who aren’t sure.

Your air conditioner’s fan aids in the circulation of cool air around your home. While that argument makes logic, an air conditioner has many elements that determine which component is causing the AC to malfunction.

Spotting Malfunctions in AC Fan Motor

When your air conditioner breaks down unexpectedly, it’s difficult to know where to begin looking for the source of the problem. Here are five telltale symptoms that your AC fan motor is on its way out.

1. The fan will not turn on even when the air conditioner is ON

When the fan fails to turn on, it’s a sure sign that the motor could have an issue. When the air conditioner runs without moving air, the evaporator coils can eventually freeze. Your air conditioning machine will be in danger of further damage if this happens. Turn off the air conditioner and contact an HVAC professional.

2. Remove any obstructions from the fan blades

Are the fan blades obstructing the airflow? Here’s what you need to do. Turn off the air conditioner. Then go back outside and attempt to move the fan blades with a screwdriver or similar instrument inserted into the slits on top of the condenser unit. It is to see if they’re rotating correctly or if something impedes their movement, such as a broken branch.

3. The fan is on; however, it rotates very slowly

A fan that is operating yet the blades whirl slow is also aggravating. A slow-turning fan will produce insufficient airflow. Check to see if you set your air conditioner’s fan to low speed. If this isn’t the case, the motor bearings may need to be lubricated, or the capacitor may be deteriorating.

4. The fan turns ON and OFF

One of two issues could be causing the fan to run occasionally. The motor may be overheating and cutting off. A loose cable or connection, or a short in the primary winding, could also be to blame. An expert should only deal with any electrical issues. When you suspect an electrical problem, never work on a fan motor. It is a risky job that a professional HVAC repair in Reading, PA, or electrician should get done.

We can assist you if you feel your AC fan motor is broken and needs to be changed or if you’re uncertain what’s driving your system to malfunction. We can get you amazing deals on an air conditioning service in Reading and help you save money. Schedule our services today by calling us at 570-754-8000.

Guide To Recharge Your Residential AC By Yourself

With the help of a refrigerant, your unit performs a complicated sort of heat transmission. When your refrigerant level falls below a certain level, heat transmission ceases, and the machine, while still working and blowing air, will no longer supply cold air. It indicates that the air conditioner needs to be recharged, or it may even need an AC installation in Reading, PA.

How to start?

Find out what type of refrigerant your system utilizes. There are various sorts, and recharging with the incorrect one could result in much more severe issues than people not having a charged AC unit. While a commercial Freon kit can be used to obtain coolant and recharge the unit, the rest of the air conditioner’s working components can be dangerous and daunting to an unskilled person. It’s a good idea to consult an air conditioning repair in Reading if you’re not sure how to handle a project of this kind.

Five steps to recharging

  • Step 1: Inspect the unit

Identify the compressor of your air conditioner using the instructions that came with it. It will resemble a metal cylinder with two lines extending from it.
TIP: Before adding the coolant, verify the remaining components to ensure clean and good operating order.

  • Step 2: Plug service valve

Inside your Freon kit, look for the service valve. It’ll be the kit’s massive connecting valve, which you can find among the other items. In the air conditioner unit, connect the service valve to a compression line (one of the lines you found adjacent to the compressor before). Attach the service valve according to the directions in the Freon kit.
There are two explanations for this: 1) something besides the refrigerant may be affecting the unit’s effectiveness, and 2) if a new refrigerant is added and the unit is turned on whereas another element isn’t working correctly, all kinds of general damage could occur.

  • Step 3: Plug tap valve

The Freon package comes with a tiny valve connector.
Homeowners must connect the tap valve to the compressor’s remaining compressor line. You can find fittings on the compressor of your air conditioner.

  • Step 4: Input Freon

To add Freon to the lines, connect the Freon container to the two valves you just placed. To seal the canister between the two valves, follow the directions in your Freon kit.

  • Step 5: Change Freon

You must now allow the Freon to flow into your house AC unit after adding new coolant. Start turning on the machine and adjust the volume to the highest altitude. It will push Freon into your ac unit, thereby recharging it in the process.

Once the air conditioner has absorbed all of the Freon, switch it off. Remove the Freon container as well as the two valves you put in. We can get you amazing deals on AC repair in Reading, PA, and help you save money. If you’re looking for the best HVAC services in town, schedule our services by calling us at 570-754-8000.

How To Get Your Air Conditioner To Work Again?

The air conditioner works throughout the summer season to keep you and your family protected from the harsh summer heat. Air conditioners are machines specifically designed to convert the hot and humid air present in the environment into cool air.

Your AC works round the clock and never lags in its cooling process; however, there may be times when the machine suddenly is unresponsive. This may be due to untimely maintenance, which is very necessary to the smooth functioning of the air conditioner. Therefore, if your AC breaks down or doesn’t work correctly, then it is advised to call professionals for an HVAC repair in Reading, PA, to get it inspected.

How To Check If The Air Conditioner Is Working Or Not?

Having an inefficient air conditioning unit during the peak summer days can be the most troublesome thing. While some of these issues may be easy to pinpoint, some would need assistance from an air conditioning service in Reading, PA professional. If your air conditioning unit has broken abruptly, you can look at the points mentioned below to find the actual cause of issues in the system –

  • Check The Circuit Breaker

The performance of an air conditioning system requires the use of electricity. Inspect your breaker panel to discover if any of the circuit breakers have got damaged. You will see one or two breakers indicated for the AC unit or units when you access the panel. The switches inside the electric panel should be towards the panel’s center. If you see the electrical switches directed towards the left side of the panel at the time of inspection, carefully slide them back towards the center.

  • Replace The Thermostat Batteries

While the traditional thermostats are intended to run manually, the digital-type thermostats require batteries to function efficiently. If the thermostat displays ‘LOW Battery’ then, it may be time to change the batteries. However, if there is no reminder to replace the batteries, try to reset the thermostat. If the problem persists, you must immediately call a professional for HVAC repair in Reading, PA.

  • Improper Airflow

The air conditioning unit needs a proper supply of air to function efficiently. When the AC is not getting enough fresh air supply, the built-in fail-safe system will automatically turn itself off, thus preventing further damage.

The initial step must be to check the condenser and make sure no leaves or debris gets accumulated. Dirt and dust accumulation in the condenser and the filters can result in reduced airflow. In addition to this, a dirty condenser, evaporator coils, or filters can damage significant parts of the system incurring high-priced repair expenses.

With the help of all these points listed above, you can easily identify all the potential problems in an air conditioning unit. Also, frequent breakdowns can easily be rectified with regular preventive maintenance by calling up professionals for air conditioning service in Reading. This routine maintenance can always assist in saving huge funds on AC repair and replacement.

Looking for a reliable HVAC contractor in Reading, PA? We can always assist you. To book Admore Comfort HVAC’s expert services, you can call us anytime at (570)-754-8000.

Signs That Say – ‘It’s Time For A New Air Conditioner’

Prices of AC keep fluctuating from time to time around the year. But to ensure that your investment ends up being worthwhile, you should get the best deal possible. Often ignored, yet a very important aspect is to know when to buy a new AC. If you are currently planning for an AC installation in Reading, PA, read on to determine whether it is the right time to do so.

   1. AC Shopping In Summer

Summers are when people feel grateful for owning an AC and the counterpart experiences the dire need for ACs. Yet, summer is not the ideal time for customers to get a good deal. Because of the obvious demand, the air conditioners are overpriced. The same rule applies to the price of skilled contractors and professionals for AC services.

   2. AC Shopping In Winter

Although winter is the opposite of the season when ACs get expensive, many people believe that they would get the best deal during this time. However, it is still not true. Even though there is no need for cooling, the HVAC industry still finds winter a busy time. The reason being the need for people shifting from air conditioning repair in Reading or maintenance to furnaces. Thus, the high demand sustains, and the best deal is still nowhere to be found.

   3. AC Shopping In Offseason

The polar opposite seasons with extreme temperatures are not the right time for AC shopping. Thus, the time in-between these two seasons is when you go for it. Simply put, there are high chances of scoring the best deal on air conditioners in the fall and spring seasons. The reasons are –

  • Less Demand

As there is less demand during the time in-between the summer and winter seasons, the prices also go down. With coupons, discounts, and rebates in place, your chance of scoring the best deal is during this time of the year. Remember, this is when they need buyers to keep the business running, giving you an upper hand on the deal.

  • Enough Time For Preparation

Having bought the AC in the off-season, it gets the optimum amount of time to prepare before the days of extreme temperature arrive. It ensures that you will get air conditioning when you require it. In simple words, no waiting around for any purchase or repair in the days of absolute need.

  • Handy Services

Having established the less demand of the HVAC industry, you can easily avail services for AC in the off-season. With only a few customers around, it will be a piece of cake to secure convenient service without any hassle from the company. Be it scheduling maintenance, repair, or servicing, you name it and get the best deal.

Now that you know when to look after your AC-related needs, the next question is from where? Well, call us today for the best deals possible! We look forward to hearing from you!

Where Is The Circuit Breaker For My Air Conditioner?

The air conditioner tends to be significantly affected by sudden changes in the temperature and climatic conditions. In most cases, the unit will decide to shut itself down completely when the input power levels are drastically higher than usual or if the power is turned off for a long time. This is because the circuit breaker trips. It would lead to many people believing that the unit requires repairs and will hire HVAC repair in Reading, PA.

Steps to Turn on Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker is the safety switch present in each AC unit. These switches prevent the AC from further damage in stressful conditions by switching off the unit completely. It can only be turned on when the switch is manually turned on. According to technicians providing air conditioning service in Reading, one can use this guide to find and turn on the circuit breaker –

1. Turn Off Thermostat

When the AC has shut off due to a tripped circuit breaker, the first thing is to set the thermostat off. The thermostat usually bears the responsibility of telling the AC when to cool or how low the room temperature has to be. Therefore, when it is shut off, it will not be able to do so.

2. Find Breaker Box

The next thing one would have to do is to find the breaker box. This is, essentially, the region where the circuit breaker for all the major appliances of the house is present in most houses. This breaker box is great in color and metallic. It is present in garages, laundry rooms, closets, or in basements too. It can also be present on the outside of the house.

After opening the breaker box, one will have to detect which circuit switches are present in the “tripped” conditioner. It is also known as the neutral condition. That is, the orientation of the switch is different from the other switches. To turn the switch on, the orientation of the switch must be turned to the left. It is the opposite to turn it off.

3. 30-Minute Waiting Period

After finding the breaker box and turning it on, one would have to wait for a certain amount of time before turning on the switch. The reason is that the breaker box only contains the external breakers. However, there are internal breakers as well. During this waiting period of 30 minutes, the internal breakers will reset as well. The resetting of the internal breakers is also another reason why the thermostat should be turned off. If this resetting is not occurring, it may be time to call HVAC repair in Reading, PA.

4. Recalibrate Thermostat

Finally, after the 30-minute wait is over, one can return to the thermostat and recalibrate it to the desired temperature. The recommended temperature is to be set at 5 degrees lower than the external temperature. This will reduce the chances of the AC tripping again.

Therefore, a homeowner can reset the circuit breaker, both externally and internally, on their own. To attain affordable but quality air conditioning service in Reading, contact us at Admore Comfort by calling (570)-754-8000. One can also send a mail to admorecomfort@live.com.

10 Air Conditioning Myths That Cost You Money

When it comes to AC repair in Reading, PA, homeowners may have certain assumptions regarding the best course of action if their unit is not functioning properly. Many individuals are exposed to a significant amount of misinformation regarding the maintenance of their unit. As a result, these myths may require one to attain air conditioning repair in Reading, PA, shortly.

Myths Surrounding AC Installation Reading, PA

To prevent a homeowner from having to shell out money for AC repair in Reading, PA, let’s take a look at the more common myths floating around regarding AC units are –

  • Larger AC Units Equal Smaller Utility Bills.

The AC installation in Reading, PA, involving larger AC units, will have to turn its compressor on or off more frequently. Therefore, the unit will be worn out quickly and will have a relatively short lifespan.

  • Fans Keep The Room Cooler.

Fans are placed in a room to cool people down. They are not designed to spread cool air throughout the room.

  • Close Vents In Rooms That Are Unused

Some may say that the efficiency of a unit can be increased if some vents are closed off. However, this can disturb the airflow through the house.

  • Replacement After A Complete Breakdown

Waiting for the AC to break down completely before replacing it will cost one a lot of money in the long run. Therefore, it would be more cost-effective to repair or replace instantly.

  • Lower Temperatures Cool Quicker.

Some homeowners may set the thermostat to a lower temperature to cool the room faster. However, the thermostat will run at the same speed irrespective of the temperature it is calibrated to.

  • Turn Off The AC Before Leaving The House.

The myth states that by turning off the AC, the electricity bill will not be as high. However, the facts show that the AC will work harder after a day of not functioning to cool an area.

  • Replace Air Filters After A Year

Air filters act as a barrier against excessive dirt. Therefore, over a short period, this filter can accumulate a lot of dirt. For this reason, it must be replaced once every six months.

  • The Location Of Thermostats Does Not Matter.

The standard practice is to place the thermostat in a region where it can attain the average temperature of the room.

  • Spring Tune-Ups Are A Waste Of Money.

Conducting a tune-up or air conditioning repair in Reading, PA, is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make. This is because one can carry out repairs and tune-ups before the summer begins, thus being fully equipped to take on the heat of the coming months.

  • AC’s Cause Summer Colds.

A virus or another infectious agent causes a cold. Therefore, the temperature will not be able to infect a person.

Now that these myths are busted, homeowners can extend the lifespan of their units the right way. If you need affordable AC repair in Reading, PA, consider Admore Comfort; you can call them on (570)-754-8000 or send in an email at admorecomfort@live.com for expert services.

5 Ways Servicing Your Ac Unit Benefits You

Can you drive your car for years without changing its oil? Absolutely not! It will break down before it is supposed to. Just like your car needs routine servicing, an air conditioner also needs timely maintenance. Nothing can be as annoying as an air conditioning system breaking down in the dead of summer, especially when you are in Pennsylvania, where summers are long and accompanied by heat waves.

Any new AC installation in Reading, PA, comes with its responsibilities. To keep it functioning smoothly throughout its lifespan, make sure to contact an air conditioning service, Reading right away!

5 Benefits of Air Conditioner Servicing


  • Enhanced Performance

The firs most objective of getting your ac serviced is to keep it in tip-top condition. With regular maintenance and tune-ups, you can enjoy maximum cooling all the way. On the other hand, if you neglect it for years, you will notice the cooling capacity is not the same as it used to be. Thus, whenever you go for an AC installation in Reading, PA, schedule routine servicing to keep its performance at par.

  • Fewer Repairs

Yes, air conditioner servicing can significantly reduce the chances of significant repairs. This is because maintenance helps detect any problems in its initial phase itself, and professionals can fix them on time. Not performing timely servicing can keep minor issues unaddressed, which may escalate to major problems.

Thus, scheduling an air conditioning service in Reading means fewer emergency calls and less expenditure due to no major breakdowns.

  • Increased Efficiency

If you keep avoiding AC servicing for a long time, expect a drop in the efficiency of your unit. This means the system will eat up more energy to perform well. Eventually, the system will be under stress, and you will see an increase in energy bills. At the same time, routine servicing and repairs can maintain the efficiency of your air conditioner to a larger extent.

  • Extended Lifespan

Usually, an air conditioner system lasts for 10+ years. Surprisingly, we have seen many of them lasting up to 20 years! The only key to such lasting AC units is regular maintenance and repairs. It ensures the system performs its best as long as it can.

In contrast, lack of maintenance and care can result in the early demise of your air conditioner.

  • Save Those Few Extra Bucks

As mentioned earlier, maintenance can keep your system running efficiently, which helps reduce your energy bills. Also, fewer major breakdowns can save you money because extensive repairs can cost you a fortune. That’s right, spending a small amount on air conditioning service in Reading can save you a lot of cash at the end of the day.

Undoubtedly, routine service can enhance your air conditioner’s performance in the long run. If you are looking for the best quality AC maintenance and installation, contact one of the technicians from Admore Comfort. We provide 24*7 service for all kinds of HVAC systems in Schuylkill, Berks, and surrounding areas.

Call us at 570-754-8000 to schedule a service today!

AC Unit Not Cooling Enough? Here Are 8 Possible Reasons

Temperatures in Reading Pennsylvania are on the rise. In such times, if your AC is not cooling efficiently, it causes troubles to the whole family. Your AC may be new, but it still may not be working as well as you want it.

Do not worry. It is a common problem. There can be many reasons for this. Here are the eight most common reasons as to why your AC is not cooling your home enough:

1. Not Maintained

Regular maintenance and servicing are crucial parts of keeping your AC in its best possible condition. It is best to have your AC regularly maintained so that your technician can prevent minor issues from growing.

2. Increased Humidity Levels

High humidity levels irritate both the family members and your air conditioning system. A bad ventilation network, high outdoor humidity levels, and blocked air filters may be the reasons why your AC is not dehumidifying as it cools the indoor air. High indoor humidity levels can also cause mold and fungus growth in the unit.

3. Leaking Ducts

Leakage in ducts is a major yet common reason that decreases the overall efficiency of your AC. Your unit is cooling properly, but the condensed air is leaking into the walls through holes and gaps. So, your system will have to work harder to cool the house. It will take a toll on your electricity bill if not solved quickly.

4. Wrong Size Of The Ac

Buying a small AC for a big house is wrong, as it will not cool the whole home efficiently. Similarly, buying a large AC for a small house is wrong as the unit will shut off quickly, and the home will be cool but humid.

5. Clogged Outdoor Unit

An owner should take as much care of the outside unit as the indoor unit. If the outside unit is clogged with dust and debris, you need to take the fan out and clean it. If you cannot clean it, call in for an AC repair in Reading, PA for professional cleaning.

6. Attic Ventilation

The hot air present in your attic must be vented out through a proper ventilation system. If not, then that warm air can spread throughout the house and reduce the unit’s efficiency.

7. Home Isolation

If your home is not isolated properly like your windows and doors have small gaps through which cool air can seep out of the house, the unit will be working well, yet the home will not be cool enough.

8. Replacement

Your unit may be really old if it is not cooling even after many repairs and services. Also, you should buy a new system for your house of the correct size, not one too big or too small.

There are many reasons why your AC is not working efficiently. However, it may happen that even after considering all these points, you still do not get satisfactory results. This may indicate a bigger problem that can be solved only by an experienced company.

If you are on the lookout for a reputed HVAC repair in Reading, PA, company for your AC’s servicing, contact Admore Comfort. We provide the best air conditioning repair in Reading to bring the lost efficiency of your system back.

How Do You Read Your Amana AC Model Number?

Do you want an AC repair reading in PA or maybe an AC installation reading in PA? Are you confused about what to tell your repair professional regarding the manufacture date? You will be thrilled to know that there is a way to find out the manufacture date for your Amana product. This article will guide you through it –

Types of Serial Numbers

       1. 10 Characters

Amana serial numbers or IDs made up of 10 characters comprise only digits. The first and second digits are manufacturer years. The third and fourth digits determine the month of manufacture. Let’s take 0109145321 as an example –

  • Now the first two digits are 0 and 1.
  • These digits specify the year 0, and 1 together represents 01, and this means that they have manufactured in the year 2001.
  • Taking the next two digits, which are 0 and 9
  • These digits specify the month of manufacture. 0 and 9 are combined to determine the month as 09. 09 is the month of September.
  • Now you have got your month and year decoded. It is 2001 September.

    2. 8 Characters

A serial number of 8 characters is made up of 7 digits and a hyphen. The first two digits are separated from 5 other digits using a hyphen. Digits in the first two positions determine the year of manufacture.
Let’s assume 96-90391 is the number on your air conditioner. How do you break the code?

9 and 6 are the first two digits, and they determine the manufacturing year. Combine the digits. 96 is what you get. It implies that 1996 is the year of manufacture.

       3. 9 Characters

A serial number made up of 9 characters is similar to a serial number made up of 10 characters in decoding. All of these characters are digits and only digits. The first two digits determine the year of manufacture, whereas the next two determine the month of manufacture.

  • That means that the third and fourth digits determine the month.
  • Take the number 040530381.
  • The first two digits are 0 and 4. Combine them. You get 04. 04 in this century is 2004. Hence you’ve got your year.
  • Move on to digits 3 and 4. Combine them. You get 05. Which is the 5th month? May. The month of manufacture is May. There you go. That’s your answer. May 2004.

Now you’re ready to crack the codes for your Amana air conditioners. You don’t need to call up the manufacturer anymore. You can do it by yourself. You don’t need to worry about reading and the air conditioner serial number when you need a repair. These simple tips can save your time from busy calls. Go on and share these tips with those friends of yours who have Amana air conditioners.

Reach out to Admore Comfort for all of your AC-related problems. Call us up at 570-754-8000 if you have any doubts regarding AC installation reading in PA. We promise to give you the best services.

What Is A Good SEER Rating For An Air Conditioner?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is the ratio of the cooling output of an AC over a normal cooling season, divided by the energy it utilizes in Watt-Hours. It is also called a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The better the SEER rating, the higher energy efficient a given air conditioning unit is (we’re presuming for comparison motives that all other variables are the same between all the air conditioning systems compared).

A SEER ratio is evaluated over a whole cooling season using a continuous indoor temperature and various outdoor temperatures varying from 60 degrees to 100 degrees. This is how it affects a typical cooling season.


  • Increased Energy Efficiency

A high SEER rating furnishes greater energy efficiency in particular conditions. The lowest standard Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating for an air conditioning system is 13, though most modern air conditioners have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating that varies from 13 to 21.

  • Incredible Indoor Comfort

Getting an air conditioner with an elevated SEER does mean you’ll be happier in the summer months, especially if you live in a hot region with scorching summers.

Greater SEER units often have two elements that furnish considerable indoor comfort.

  • 2-stage or variable-speed compressor

  • Variable-speed blower

If you have an aged 8 SEER system and replace it with a 16 SEER unit, you could considerably decrease the expense of cooling your residence.

How SEER Ratings Affect Your Air Conditioning Unit

Before the air conditioning system installation, you must ensure that a SEER rating suggests the air conditioning unit’s full potential. This implies that when in the United States, having a value of 21 SEER, for instance, the rating can be as high as 21 SEER. It will not always perform at 21 SEER as the universal laws of thermodynamics limit it. Several factors influence an air conditioning system’s efficiency and performance, including outdoor temperatures, sun exposure, thermostat settings, building envelope, and mechanical difficulties, and so forth.

SEER ratings are inconsistent, which implies that HVAC units with the greatest SEER values may not save you money in the future. If an appliance rated at 21 SEER performs at a standard of 15 SEER, it may be smarter to save money and purchase an Air Conditioning unit with a lesser SEER rating. An HVAC professional can enable you to determine the most suitable SEER rating for your new Air Conditioning unit using particular equations that average the maximum Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) over the range of predicted seasonal temperatures. Usually, promising SEER values for residential air conditioning systems are 14 to 16.

Admore Comfort was founded more than fifteen years ago to deliver AC repair in Reading, PA along with HVAC system sales, installation, and service. BPI certification and weatherization-home performance testing were added a couple of years ago to give comprehensive home comfort diagnostics and solutions beyond appliance problems alone. We utilize the (Whole House Systems Approach), also known as the House as a system approach to ensure your residence is efficient, comfortable, and safe. Call us now at 570-754-8000 to avail of our air conditioning service in Reading!