Do you want an AC repair reading in PA or maybe an AC installation reading in PA? Are you confused about what to tell your repair professional regarding the manufacture date? You will be thrilled to know that there is a way to find out the manufacture date for your Amana product. This article will guide you through it –

Types of Serial Numbers

       1. 10 Characters

Amana serial numbers or IDs made up of 10 characters comprise only digits. The first and second digits are manufacturer years. The third and fourth digits determine the month of manufacture. Let’s take 0109145321 as an example –

  • Now the first two digits are 0 and 1.
  • These digits specify the year 0, and 1 together represents 01, and this means that they have manufactured in the year 2001.
  • Taking the next two digits, which are 0 and 9
  • These digits specify the month of manufacture. 0 and 9 are combined to determine the month as 09. 09 is the month of September.
  • Now you have got your month and year decoded. It is 2001 September.

    2. 8 Characters

A serial number of 8 characters is made up of 7 digits and a hyphen. The first two digits are separated from 5 other digits using a hyphen. Digits in the first two positions determine the year of manufacture.
Let’s assume 96-90391 is the number on your air conditioner. How do you break the code?

9 and 6 are the first two digits, and they determine the manufacturing year. Combine the digits. 96 is what you get. It implies that 1996 is the year of manufacture.

       3. 9 Characters

A serial number made up of 9 characters is similar to a serial number made up of 10 characters in decoding. All of these characters are digits and only digits. The first two digits determine the year of manufacture, whereas the next two determine the month of manufacture.

  • That means that the third and fourth digits determine the month.
  • Take the number 040530381.
  • The first two digits are 0 and 4. Combine them. You get 04. 04 in this century is 2004. Hence you’ve got your year.
  • Move on to digits 3 and 4. Combine them. You get 05. Which is the 5th month? May. The month of manufacture is May. There you go. That’s your answer. May 2004.

Now you’re ready to crack the codes for your Amana air conditioners. You don’t need to call up the manufacturer anymore. You can do it by yourself. You don’t need to worry about reading and the air conditioner serial number when you need a repair. These simple tips can save your time from busy calls. Go on and share these tips with those friends of yours who have Amana air conditioners.

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