Many of us are unaware of how our conditioner works and which is the right time for an air conditioning service in Reading. In this article, let us see about the fan motor, which is a crucial component of your air conditioner.

Your air conditioner is ineffective without a working blower motor. Either you won’t get any air, or you’ll get a lot of it.

Would you be able to detect if the fan motor was malfunctioning? Here’s a quick refresher for those who aren’t sure.

Your air conditioner’s fan aids in the circulation of cool air around your home. While that argument makes logic, an air conditioner has many elements that determine which component is causing the AC to malfunction.

Spotting Malfunctions in AC Fan Motor

When your air conditioner breaks down unexpectedly, it’s difficult to know where to begin looking for the source of the problem. Here are five telltale symptoms that your AC fan motor is on its way out.

1. The fan will not turn on even when the air conditioner is ON

When the fan fails to turn on, it’s a sure sign that the motor could have an issue. When the air conditioner runs without moving air, the evaporator coils can eventually freeze. Your air conditioning machine will be in danger of further damage if this happens. Turn off the air conditioner and contact an HVAC professional.

2. Remove any obstructions from the fan blades

Are the fan blades obstructing the airflow? Here’s what you need to do. Turn off the air conditioner. Then go back outside and attempt to move the fan blades with a screwdriver or similar instrument inserted into the slits on top of the condenser unit. It is to see if they’re rotating correctly or if something impedes their movement, such as a broken branch.

3. The fan is on; however, it rotates very slowly

A fan that is operating yet the blades whirl slow is also aggravating. A slow-turning fan will produce insufficient airflow. Check to see if you set your air conditioner’s fan to low speed. If this isn’t the case, the motor bearings may need to be lubricated, or the capacitor may be deteriorating.

4. The fan turns ON and OFF

One of two issues could be causing the fan to run occasionally. The motor may be overheating and cutting off. A loose cable or connection, or a short in the primary winding, could also be to blame. An expert should only deal with any electrical issues. When you suspect an electrical problem, never work on a fan motor. It is a risky job that a professional HVAC repair in Reading, PA, or electrician should get done.

We can assist you if you feel your AC fan motor is broken and needs to be changed or if you’re uncertain what’s driving your system to malfunction. We can get you amazing deals on an air conditioning service in Reading and help you save money. Schedule our services today by calling us at 570-754-8000.